Reza’s Review – Re: Single Implant

From my initial consultation with Dr Shamisa, it was obvious that he was committed to providing a professional, dynamic, personable service; epitomised by his willingness to take the required time necessary to ensure I was aware of the entailed procedure and any profession specific terminology used, in ensuring I was aware of any potential difficulties that may have been encountered as well as the intended benefits, and by always being flexible in offering appointments that accommodated my difficult work schedule.

Dr Shamisa’s work speaks for itself, with friends and colleagues unable to tell which tooth it is I’ve had replaced with the implant; two of whom already having asked to be referred regarding work they wish to undertake themselves. It goes without saying I am most pleased with the work I have had done and would happily repeat the experience should the need ever arise.

The service provided by Dr Shamisa is further complemented by a clean, contemporary practice surgery, where Dr Shamisa’s polite, warm support staff made my experience both comfortable and non-taxing from arrival at reception to time spent in the chair.